Prevent Future Incidents with Health and Safety Training Courses in Sydney

A high WHS incident rate looks bad for any business, regardless of industry. If your company has had several incidents in the recent past, it might be time to invest in more health and safety training in Sydney. With the right training, you can give your managers and employees a better understanding of health and safety protocols and procedures. This superior understanding can lead to smarter day-to-day operations and lower incident rates.

WHS Act HELP: Your WHS Training Providers

If you are looking for WHS training providers that can offer WHS training courses in Sydney, consider WHS Act HELP. We provide a range of different services geared towards helping businesses improve their health and safety protocols. These services include WHS audits, incident investigations, and workplace health and safety training courses.

If you’ve had WHS incidents lately, your best bet might be to start with an incident investigation. Even with excellent training, you can’t prevent an incident from recurring if you don’t know exactly what happened in the first place. At WHS Act HELP, we perform a systemic examination of the events that led to the incident. Our specific goal is to identify any gaps in safety management arrangements that may have contributed to the incident. By looking for gaps or errors, we can determine the cause of the occurrence and provide suggestions for how your company can improve things going forward.

Often, training is one of our recommendations for achieving a superior workplace health and safety profile. We can provide OHS training courses in Sydney, including training HSRs (Health and Safety Representatives) and safety committees.

Training is an integral part of risk management and incident prevention. In some cases, a company might have a poor workplace health and safety record because of equipment failures, unsafe environments or other issues that aren’t expressly related to staff. However, many incidents also result from human error, or from personnel who didn’t know (or didn’t follow) the proper procedures.

Ultimately, accidents and mistakes do happen. Equipment fails. Dangerous work environments exist. Businesses often can’t eliminate risks entirely. What they can do is train their personnel how to do their jobs so that those risks remain at arm’s length. They can educate employees on how to respond to emergency situations when they do occur. They can train staff on how to investigate incidents and improve processes after the fact.

For all these reasons, health and safety training should be a priority for any Sydney business. With the help of WHS Act HELP, you can make it a priority for yours.

Arrange Your WHS Training Courses in Sydney

If you are interested in working with WHS Act HELP to arrange OHS training courses in Sydney, please get in touch today. We have been helping businesses in the area handle and minimise risk for the past 22 years now. We work in just about all industries, excluding mining. We look forward to learning about your business and finding out what we can do to improve your WHS protocols.