On 25 October 2016, four people lost their lives when the raft they were in on the Thunder River Rapids Ride (TRRR) at Dreamworld on the Queensland Gold Coast collided with another raft and overturned.

This presentation examines the findings of the Coroner’s Report, using TV footage to highlight the failures inherent in the safety management system that resulted in this terrible incident. The presentation also considers the responsibilities on all businesses, as well as officers and senior managers, under WHS legislation.

Who is this presentation suitable for?

This presentation can be used as a general introduction into WHS responsibilities for any workplace, or tailored to be aimed at officers, senior managers and supervisors.

What is covered?

The areas looked at include

Development & description of the TRRR

Depiction of the incident

Alterations to the TRRR

Training & Responsibilities of Operators

Maintenance of the Ride

Previous Audit Findings & Recommendations

    Previous Incidents

Historical Regulator Interaction with Dreamworld

What could have prevented this happening?

The Coroner’s Findings

Dreamworld’s Duties under WHS

Officer Due Diligence Obligations

Prosecution Overview

A missed opportunity?

How long does it go for?

The presentation last for 4 hours but that includes a 15 minute break

How is it presented?

Your choice. It can be delivered remotely via ZOOM or face to face at your workplace

What does it cost?

(All prices INCLUDE GST)

ZOOM presentation for up to 20 attendees – $1,650

Delivery at your workplace – $1,980 (subject to additional travel costs depending on the location)

Individual attending an open presentation of up to 20 attendees – $110

How do we arrange a presentation?

Go to the Contact Page on this site and send me an email or call me on 1300 976 804 and we can discuss the details