A Gap Analysis is a review of the current arrangements you have in place to comply
with the Work Health and Safety Act & Regulation in your State or Territory

Ian Buckland

For over 22 years, Ian Buckland has been providing practical and cost effective solutions to safety and workers compensation problems for business owners from a variety of industries including transport, engineering, manufacturing, construction, demolition, licensed clubs, retirement and nursing homes and child care organisations, just to name a few.

Couple that history with 2 Masters Degrees (one in OHS and the second in Workplace Injury Management), a Graduate Certificate in Risk Management, training qualifications together with investigation and auditing knowledge and you get access to a wealth of experience but from a person who emphasizes a practical approach rather than a theoretical model.

Ian, through his company, DTATT Pty Ltd, has always aimed to provide a flexible, affordable and professional service tailored to the client’s needs.

Some clients may need a complete or partial safety management system developed for them. After this has been done, certain businesses have opted for a regular, ongoing arrangement that included a one or two days a month attendance to maintain the client’s safety management system, provide toolbox talks and other training, conduct inspections and generally to make certain that evidence of the client’s efforts to comply with their safety obligations are being met. As the client’s safety system develops, the hours required to maintain it generally decrease and the monthly attendance is often reduced to around 4 to 5 hours.

And then there’s the businesses that want to know how their operations stack up in relation to their safety obligations. These can be anywhere between a 1-day snapshot inspection and report to a 5-day gap analysis or a complete audit review.

It is this versatility and flexibility that is the hallmark of the WHS Act HELP brand