Set up Health and Safety Committee Training Courses in NSW; WHS Act HELP Has the Qualified Training Providers You Need

Perhaps one of your employees was recently injured on the job, and you want to prevent something similar from happening in the future. Alternatively, maybe you are starting a new business and want to make sure you have your bases covered for health and safety measures from the very start. Either way, setting up health and safety training in NSW is an excellent way to give your managers and employees the knowledge necessary to ensure a safe workplace.

Finding WHS Training Providers in NSW

If you are looking for WHS training courses in NSW, consider WHS Act HELP, a subsidiary of DTATT Pty Ltd. For the past 22 years, we have been serving in numerous capacities to help businesses like yours adopt smart health and safety protocols. We conduct audits, prepare reports, help businesses achieve compliance and recommend strategies to keep work environments safer. We also offer several training opportunities, designed to empower your staff with WHS best practices.

As WHS training providers in NSW,we can provide a variety of options for your safety training needs.

One option is a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) training course. We are a SafeWork NSW approved trainer for this course, which can be taken as a five-day full course (for new HSRs) and as a one-day ‘refresher’ course. Trained HSRs can represent the WHS interests of the workers within your organisation. Depending on the size of your business, you might have individual HSRs for different departments or groups within the company.

Another course we offer is a one day safety committee training in NSW. We come to your business premises and deliver training for up to 20 people from your organisation. This course includes instruction on WHS legislation, the responsibilities of safety committees in the workplace, risk management, incident investigation strategies, communication about WHS matters and more.

Whatever training you need, we tailor our presentation to suit your business. Every business is unique regarding workplace health and safety, so customisation of the training presentation is essential. Whether you are investing in HSR training, safety committee training or any other safety related training, in NSW, tailored coursework will ensure that your managers and employees are getting training that is practical and relevant to their workplace.

Quality Training from an Experienced Source

When it comes to setting up health and safety training in NSW for your business team, it’s important to make sure you are bringing in a trainer with the experience, knowledge, and qualifications necessary to provide that training.

Are you looking to set up HSR training or safety committee training in NSW? Contact WHS Act HELP today.