Safeguard your business from penalties due to non-compliance of safety legislation.
From Sydney to Newcastle and further, our OHS/WHS gap analysis can help your business.

The following are only a small example of the type of services offered through WHS Act HELP. Contact us to discuss anything else you need to manage your safety and injury management systems.

– All prices quoted include GST

– Prices include travel expenses and any travel time to job sites within the Sydney Metropolitan Area.

– Vehicle travel outside the Sydney Metropolitan Area is charged at 55 cents/kilometre plus $82.50/hour (distance and time calculated from Sydney GPO in all cases)

– Travel time (other than by own vehicle use) at $82.50/hour (travel time commences from the scheduled departure time of the flight)

– Flights, airport parking, vehicle or taxi hire are charged at cost (receipts provided)

– Overnight stays at $200/night (this figure includes accommodation and meal allowance)

– Clients can choose to directly cover flights, accommodation and vehicle hire costs by agreement

One-day Site Inspection and Report

Using a tailored assessment tool, this looks at how your business is complying with its obligations under WHS legislation. The Report identifies deficiencies and provides suggestions and recommendations to correct those shortcomings.

COST – $935

Work Health & Safety (WHS) Gap Analysis

Generally, 5 days’ duration. One day is spent conducting an off-site desktop review of the businesses safety documentation. This is followed by one day on-site, which includes an interview using a Gap Analysis questionnaire specifically designed for the purpose, followed by a site inspection. You will then receive a report identifying all the areas of WHS legislation that applies to your operation together with an assessment of your current compliance position and suggestions for improvement.

COST – $ 4,675

Sub Contractor System Development

Need to have a Safety Management System approved before you can work on a site? Approval company being a total pain? We come to you, review what you have got from the approval company, work out what you need and put together a system to get you the approval you need. We quote 5 days work and if you still get knocked back, we give you another 2 days for free. If you need us to develop Project Specific Plans later, we can do that too




Incident Investigation

Includes attendance at your business, interviews with all involved personnel, review of existing procedures and processes and an in-depth report including recommendations for improvement. Most incident investigations can be finalised in 4 days, but more complex scenarios can obviously take longer to complete. Our pricing aims to reflect these variations

COST –   First 4 days @ $ 935/day

                Next 4 days @ $ 852.50/day

               Any further days @ $797.50/day

Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Training (SafeWork NSW Approved Courses)

We can provide either the 5-day “full” or 1-day “refresher” courses. However, we offer these on an “in house” basis only (i.e. we conduct the course at your business or at a facility of your choosing). We also leave the catering to you.


5-day Full Course – Flat fee of $4,675 PLUS $132 per participant

For example, total cost for 10 participants is $5,995 or $599.50 per person

1-day Refresher Course – Flat fee of $935 PLUS $66 per participant

For example, total cost for 10 participants is $1,595 or $159.50 per person

Safety Committee or WHS Awareness Training

One day course for up to 20 people. This course is delivered at your site and looks at;

– WHS legislation development, new terminology, concepts, sanctions & penalties

– Roles and responsibilities of Safety Committees and Safety Committee members

– Improving Communication

– Safety Risk Management (Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Implementing Controls)

– Investigation techniques, inspections and continuous improvement

Again, we leave the catering to you

Cost – $1,320

A Typical Audit or Gap Analysis

We get you to send us your existing system so we can do what’s called a DESKTOP AUDIT to make sure your system, documents, procedures and processes match up to what is required under existing WHS obligations

We arrive at your workplace at a prearranged time and date

We ask you a predetermined set of questions to identify the areas of the WHS Act and Regulation that applies specifically to you (a lot of sections apply to every business but there are also many sections and clauses that do not apply to your operation)

Once we have this information we know what you should have and the Gap Analysis applicable specifically for your business really starts

In about 5 days, you will receive;

A report that identifies the sections of the WHS Act and Regulation that applies to you. Any sections that don’t apply to your business will have been removed to make the report easier to follow

Each section will be color coded to show you exactly where you stand (RED for gaps in your system, BLUE where we think you can improve and GREEN where you are covering off on the area) – straight away you will see the things that need some work

Any gaps or areas that need improvement have an explanation of why something needs to be done

Included with the report is an assessment of the documents sent through for the Desktop Audit where we believe some improvement is possible

The report includes an Action Plan giving recommendations on how you can move your system towards legal compliance

In addition to the report, we will provide supporting documents (in editable WORD or EXCEL format) to help you move forward