Find Workplace Health and Safety Consultant Services When You Hire an Advisor for WHS and OHS Consulting in Sydney

Making your workplace safe is more than just good for business—the Work Health and Safety Act also requires it. The WHS Act is in place to ensure that conditions in every workplace meet reasonable health and safety standards. Workers at any business should always be able to do their work with full confidence in the safety of the systems and conditions around them. However, businesses must ensure that they are compliant with applicable WHS and OHS standards if they want to remain responsible and avoid liability issues. Hiring a WHS consultant in Sydney who can provide cutting-edge safety consulting services is one of the surest ways to guarantee that your business, facility, or site will always comply.

How a Health and Safety Advisor Can Help You

Workplace health and safety consultants in Sydney understand how valuable their services are, so they tend to offer them at high prices. However, that’s not to say you can’t find more affordable OHS consulting services—you just need to know where to look. Find a smaller firm that can provide more personalised service at a friendlier price, and you can benefit in two ways:

  • You will save more money becoming compliant with WHS regulations, and
  • You will benefit from the detail-oriented approach of conscientious professionals who take time to learn about your business before doing their work.

The following qualities can help you identify a company that will be able to provide you with a top-tier workplace health and safety advisor. Keep these criteria in mind when looking for safety consultant services, and you will be much more likely to find professionals you can trust to perform excellent work at your site:

  • Extensive experience dealing with clients in numerous diverse industry sectors.
  • Formal training and education in Safety and Injury Management, as well as relevant professional qualifications and certifications.
  • A small enough firm that will enable you to deal directly with the business owner instead of always having to work through intermediaries. Speak with someone who has the authority to make decisions.

The Safety Consultant Services We Offer at DTATT Pty Ltd

DTATT Pty Ltd can help. We have over 22 years of industry experience and have assisted clients in nearly every industry sector in the country. We bring a wealth of knowledge to our clients, acquired through both our hands-on experience and our two masters’ degrees in Safety and Injury Management. We also possess training and investigation accreditations, along with appropriate risk management qualification.

When you need to acquire proper health and safety consultant services for your workplace and ensure that you are fully compliant with the WHS Act, trust a business that has spent decades working in every State and Territory in the country. Contact DTATT Pty Ltd and allow us to assist you by providing additional details on everything we do. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions so that you can make an informed and effective choice for your company.